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Warmer winter foreshadows more bug infestations this summer

Posted on September 30th, by Gemtek Webmaster in Pest Control Articles. Comments Off

By Jennifer Auh | KIVI (original post)

With a warmer and shorter winter, bugs and spiders inside homes are becoming a big issue.

President of Orkin Idaho Todd Sawyer, who is also an entomologist, says countless species of bugs had a better survival rate through the winter this year.

Local pest control companies say their phones are now ringing off the hook.

“We’ve seen a 30 to 40% increase in call volume,” said Jonathan Ross, Gemtek Pest Control.

“In the Boise Orkin market we’re looking at a 40% increase for this early in the season,” said Sawyer.

Gemtek Pest Control and Orkin say people should expect to see more insects and spiders this summer.

One family in Eagle says they’ve had previous issues of wasps, ants and spiders in or around their home in the past. Most recently, they say they’ve seen ants pop up earlier than in the previous years.

“As of right now, we’re already seeing ants and spiders come out from the winter,” said Ross.

Experts advise homeowners to be aware of clutter inside or out of the house, especially any build up of organic materials to avoid an infestation.

According to Gemtek Pest Control and Orkin, large bug infestations are much harder to remove. They are urging homeowners to call for a check-up, if they see any influx of bugs or spiders in or around their home.


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