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Welcome to the best protection against pests in the industry. As the largest locally owned and operated pest control company in Idaho you’ve made the right choice to protect your home and family with Gemtek. Thousands of customers agree and you will too, guaranteed. With experienced pest professionals, we are here to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Enjoy relaxing in your home again, inside and out, without worrying about pests. No more ants in the kitchen, no more spiders in the garage, and no more wasps in your eaves. Stop storing and handling dangerous pesticides yourself, and let the professionals treat your home with products friendly for your home, environment, and most importantly, your family.

Our neighborhoods are in a constant battle with pests trying to invade our homes. On the ground, and from the air, these obnoxious insects work around the clock, during the day, and throughout the night. Populations of insects can exponentially grow from tens, to hundreds in a week and thousands; to tens even hundreds of thousands in a matter of just a few months. If you are waiting on having a pest control service done for your home, you are aiding in an inevitable hostile take-over. Don’t wait, stop these invaders from becoming your next permanent house guests.


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